Travelling in Napa Valley & Muir Woods

This is officially the last post of my travel series about my fiance and I’s trip to California this past summer! (which means, yes, I best get into the kitchen soon and create some new recipes)…and I will…I promise…after my wedding in November, of course 🙂

Okay, now back to travel memory fun! After Yosemite National Park my fiance and I made an unplanned trip to Oakland to see the Blue Jays play. It was actually far more amazing than I expected. Let’s be honest, I agreed to do it because I knew that my fiance really wanted to, not because I necessarily cared about going. Well let me tell you, I was so wrong. It was the best baseball game that I’ve ever been to. Baseball games are wayyyy cheaper in the USA so we got amazing seats. I don’t think that I’ve ever paid so much attention during a game before!


After the game we made our way to Napa Valley for the night. Surprisingly my favourite thing about Napa wasn’t the wine, but our amazing accommodations. Yes, it was another place, and it was a 31-foot airstream!!! Ever since the one night that we stayed there I have been fantasizing about owning some type of tiny accommodation that I can live or travel in. A woman can dream, right?


Inside was everything that we needed: a bed, fully functioning 3 piece washroom (un-pictured), mini kitchenette, table and chairs and a couch and coffee table!

inside airstream

Regardless of my love for this airstream, Napa was also quite lovely. It was quaint and charming and perfect for an after dinner stroll.


This next picture is by far my favourite picture of all time!!!

IMG_6952 copy

I cannot look at this picture without bursting into a fit of laughter. I think I severely embarrassed my fiance when I burst into hysterical laughter in the middle of the street and would not stop talking about how silly this art piece was for hours. Who am I kidding, I’m still giggling about it, but I digress…

The best activity we did in Napa…actually, in all of California, was visit the spa at Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Spring Resort. We each had a legitimate mud bath!!! It was the neatest experience that I’ve ever had. Obviously there are no pictures, since there was lots of nakedness going on around on the spa, but the mud bath was actually a gigantic bath full of mud, real mud!!! Smelly, warm, nourishing mud 🙂 The mud bath was followed by a lavender bath, followed by a steam room, followed by a body wrap. The entire time you are given individual attention and your glass of citrus water is never empty. If I was royalty, I would want this every single day. By far the most relaxing thing that I’ve ever done…however, if you’re not someone who’s comfortable being naked in front of strangers, this probably won’t be as relaxing for you, just an fyi.

After our morning at the spa we made our way to Castello di Amorosa, a castle winery!!! How can something with a driveway like this not be fantastic?



It was beautiful and their wine was delicious (we brought 2 bottles home with us, yum!). With the admission fee you get 5 samples of wine. Now, because we had just done a super detoxing spa treatment and because I finished not only my own samples, but my fiances too…I was a little tipsy by the end. But what better place to be tipsy than at a castle winery in Napa!!!




After the winery we headed over to the Muir Woods. The Muir Woods were beautiful and very peaceful (if you block out the random screams of excitement by passing children), however, I have to admit…after seeing the sequoia’s in Yosemite, the Muir Woods just could not compete. Not only were the trees not near as grand, but the entire forest felt much more manicured…probably because it was. I suppose it’s a perfect example of the difference between seeing nature that’s been dug into to make it easier for tourists to see and nature that you only find once you’re off the beaten path. But then again, that’s just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt 🙂

muir woods


And that’s a wrap folks. Next up I’ll be reviewing a tea company that I’ve recently discovered and that has tea that is extraordinarily yummy!

xoxo Erin


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