I have emerged from my winter hibernation to share something with you that is coming this spring and that I’m super excited about! Hey Gluten-Free is a brand new subscription that will deliver a box of delicious and healthy gluten-free treats right to your door each month! What I love most about this new service is that Hey Gluten-Free promotes small businesses by advertising their products in their boxes. I cannot wait to receive a box of surprise goodies that are completely gluten-free certified, non-GMO, low/no sugar and low in sodium. Being able to sample a whole bunch of gf products so you’ll know which ones you actually want to buy a larger quantity of is AMAZING and oh so friendly to your wallet. How disappointing is it to find a new product, buy a big ole bag of it, and then realize that it’s only “meh”? Stop that cycle and sign-up for Hey Gluten-Free!!!
I don’t know when the official launch date is but you can sign up HERE to be notified of the launch date and also for a chance to WIN a free lifetime subscription! How crazy amazing is that? Clearly I’ve already signed up…a lifetime of free goodies delivered right to my door? YES PLEASE!!! So like I said, SIGN UP HERE!!!
In other news…look how cute my pup is! I’ll post again soon with pictures of our newest family addition. Have I mentioned that we got another pup? I can’t remember…but we did!!! Pictures soon 🙂
xoxo Erin

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