When Life Gives you Lemons…

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

I’m sure most of you have heard this statement before. It’s basically a nice way to remember that when life throws you something sour, you can choose to make it into something sweet. Recently I’ve realized that I’ve been ignoring an important part of this statement.

I’ve been ignoring the fact that once those lemons arrive you have to work hard to make the lemonade. You have to cut into them and squeeze the living daylight out of them to be able to extract the sour lemon juice. Only once you have the juice can you start to sweeten it up with sugar. If you just dump sugar over the lemons you don’t have lemonade, you have sugar covered lemons, and that’s gross and weird. So even though cutting and squeezing the lemons is hard work and may not be fun, it’s worth it when you end up with something that you enjoy.

 So why am I being so literal in my analysis of this simple feel good statement?

Because I’ve been squeezing the crap out of some lemons in my life, one very VERY sour lemon to be exact, and I’m exhausted. I want that lemonade to be ready now, not later. But it can’t be ready now, so I’m finding comfort in over analyzing this statement. It has helped me remember that it’s not just the result of the lemonade that’s important, it’s the hard work involved in making the lemonade that makes it so damn sweet and satisfying when you finally get to take a sip.

xoxo Erin


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