5-Ingredient Mondays- Cucumber Soup and Roasted Cauliflower with Dates & Capers

Apparently our puppy is more like me than I thought.

head turn

We were at the vets yesterday for his last booster shot and found out our little guy has food allergies! We had to get him some ear medication for inflammation and now have to be very careful to only feed him one source of protein. Basically an elimination diet for a puppy. Shouldn’t be a problem, except he is teething and we’ve been giving him beef tendon to chew on. We’ll have to find something equally satisfying for him since beef is the most likely allergen.

Wayne w Collar

Okay, that’s enough puppy love for one post. Now onto 5-Ingredient Mondays, a place where bloggers link-up their gluten-free recipes for us all to drool over! You can check out last week’s submissions here. From these submissions 2 recipes really stood out. They stood out because I wanted to eat them both immediately for dinner!

Yeast Free Cucumber Soup from Yeast Free Living

Cucumber Soup

Roasted Cauliflower with Dates and Capers from Annumography

Roasted Cauliflower with Dates and Capers

This week I’m submitting my Peanut-Free Do-Si-Do Cookies:

Do-Si-Do Cookies

There’s my submission to 5 Ingredient Mondays, what will yours be this week?

Please review the following guidelines before linking up:

  1. Recipe should contain 5 ingredients or less, pantry staples excluded. So basically anything that is likely to be found in most peoples kitchen/pantry does not count as an ingredient, neither do optional ingredients. Examples of kitchen/pantry staples may include spices, baking soda, baking powder, milk/non-dairy milk, oils, etc.
  2. Recipe must be gluten-free. Bonus for recipes that are also dairy-free and double bonus for plant-based recipes.
  3. Lastly, please leave a link to your own recipe that goes to that week’s 5-Ingredient Monday post, not on this static page.

Your recipes don’t need to be from this week, but it does need to be your own recipe. I will sometimes share photos of the recipes with links back to your blog, so by sharing your recipe, you are giving me permission to use your photo and link back to your recipe. 

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xoxo Erin


6 thoughts on “5-Ingredient Mondays- Cucumber Soup and Roasted Cauliflower with Dates & Capers

  1. So cute!!! Can’t decide whether I prefer your puppy or the DO-SI-DO Cookies 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your dog’s food allergies though – the irony of it all. It’s the same for my friend and her horse. I never thought animals had allergies… but it makes sense of course.

    • I know! If only I felt as confident helping my dog with allergies as I feel helping people with allergies 🙂 Thanks for linking-up your avocado caramel pudding, I’m featuring it this week! Hope to see you back soon!

  2. Food issues with pets is pretty common. I’m assuming he’s already grain free. Grains are the biggest cause of problems in dogs and cats. Our boy is so much more healthy and happy since he’s been grain free, but we also found out he can’t tolerate chicken. His dog food is grain free and fish based (salmon, sweet potatoes, etc.).

    LOVE the looks of your cookies! This week I’ve linked up my Halloween soup, Creepy Crawly Caterpillar Soup, that really works for any time. It’s silly, fun, AND good! Plus, I linked up my Power Ball Payoff from last week. 😉

    Have a great week, Erin! Sorry I’m late to the party this week!

    • I never thought about grains before. The food he’s eating now has corn in it so we’ll definitely change that up ASAP. Thanks for linking-up your two recipes, they both look perfect to enjoy around halloween 🙂

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