My Gluten & Dairy-Free Birthday

I celebrated my birthday a bit over a week ago. It was a glorious day. I never cared much for birthdays because I always thought my mom should be the one celebrating. She was, after all, the one who did all the hard work on my birthday. But I thought I would try something new and spoil myself all day long this year. Wow, am I ever glad I did! I had the most relaxing day I could have ever imagined. I started by day off with a lymphomaniac facial from Pure and Simple. It was a standard european facial paired with a lymphatic massage of the face, breasts and stomach. I’d never had a facial, let alone a lymphatic massage, so it was definitely an interesting experience. After my spa experience I headed over to one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Fresh.  I decided to try something I hadn’t had and grabbed the California Classic Salad:

California Classic Salad

I enjoyed my lunch while hanging out with my little guy:

Erin and Wayne

Later in the afternoon I headed over to my favourite bakery, Bunners, for one of their mouth watering cinnamon buns:

Bunners Cinnamon Bun

While I was out I dropped by The Sweet Potato and found an awesome deal on organic pears and peaches:

The Sweet Potato Finds

Then I went to a bookstore and picked up a book I have been dreaming of since it was released in the summer:

Birthday Gift

When my partner got home from work (I had taken the day off) we went for foot reflexology. I love foot reflexology. It’s one of those things that can hurt like heck but feel good at the same time. We both felt like we were walking on clouds after our treatment. We decided to order in pizza from another one of my favourite Toronto restaurants, Magic Oven. I got the Black Magic Pizza (pesto, steamed kale, sundried tomato and daiya cheese):

Magic Oven

It was the perfect birthday. What made it even more perfect was that it turned into a two day affair as my partner and I went to go visit my parents the next day. My brother, his fiance and my best friend came over for dinner. We made a gluten-free vegan pizza, garlic bread, caesar salad, veggie stir-fry (and chicken cacciatore for the meat eaters). It was yummy. Nothing beats a homemade meal from my mom 🙂 I volunteered to bring dessert so I made a carrot cake using the recipe from this book. If you don’t have this book I highly recommend it. The cake was delicious. I don’t think anyone would have known that it was gluten-free and vegan unless I told them. There wasn’t much of the cake left over, but there was just enough for me to enjoy a big slice for breakfast:

Birthday Cake

Oh, and check out this amazing card my brother and his fiance got me:

Birthday Card Front

Inside Birthday Card

Hehe, I still laugh when I read it. What can I say, I love food humor 🙂 So that was my birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it that much more special! xoxo


7 thoughts on “My Gluten & Dairy-Free Birthday

  1. Oh, what’s the date of your birthday Erin? Mine was Sept 23rd 🙂 Happy birthday! Glad that you had a fabulous celebration, that card is hilarious. I’m using that line for some occasion, somewhere at sometime. I know it 🙂 xx

  2. Ahaha, that card cracks me up…very sweet. 🙂 Happy belated birthday!

    I love foot reflexology, too. After reading how you were walking on clouds, I may go myself for my birthday this week.

    P.S. The cake looks amazing!

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