Thank YOU!!!

About two months ago I started this blog and have been enjoying the experience thus far. I was THRILLED on Friday when I checked the site stats and saw that the blog had surpassed 1,000 views! I think of this blog as my baby and like all babies it needs the village to raise it. And so far this blog baby is being raised well, at least in my books. So thank you for your interest and support.

Here’s a picture of a cake I made a few months back. I think it’s very fitting on this exciting day:

Congrats Cake

This cake was absolutely delicious. I used this recipe from She Let Them Eat Cake. If you’re looking to make a gluten-free vegan cake that will fool a wheat, dairy and egg lover, this is definitely the recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, except I added 1 tsp of xanthan gum. Since I doubled the recipe and stacked the cakes, I wanted that little extra structural support. For the icing I made a classic butter cream frosting using Earth Balance instead of butter. I’m drooling just thinking about how good this cake was.

In other news, I would like to take this opportunity to share some other blogs that I have come across and have found completely inspiring. These blogs and bloggers are absolutely fantastic. They’re my inspiration and I am ever so thankful that I found their blogs:

Vedged Out–

The Veggie Nook–

The Healthy Flavour–

Sweet and Healthy Living–

Healthful Pursuit–

Naturally Ella–

This is by no means a complete list of all the blogs and bloggers who I adore and have found inspiring. This post would go on for about a year if I listed them all! I will work on putting together a page with a more complete list of blogs that I check on a regular basis though…so stay tuned!

xoxo Erin


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